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1253186-49-0 GSK-5498A is a potent, selective small molecule blocker of Calcium-Release Activated Calcium (CRAC) channel with IC50 of 1 uM; completely inhibits calcium influx through CRAC channels, inhibits mediator release from mast cells, and pro-inflammatory cytokine release from T-cells from multiple human and rat preparations.


223499-30-7 A store-operated Ca2+ entry blocker and CRAC channel inhibitor with IC50 of 100 nM; inhibits Ca(2+) influx through SOC channels without affecting the TCR signal transduction cascade in Jurkat cells, inhibits thapsigargin-induced sustained Ca(2+) influx (IC50=100 nM), and 30-fold less potent against Cav channels; potently inhibits IL-2 production and NF-AT-driven promoter activity in Jurkat cells; also inhibits IL-4 and IL-5 production Th2 T cells, prevents antigen-induced inflammatory responses in animal models; orally active.

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