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miR-21 inhibitor 37

miR-21 inhibitor 37 is a novel inhibitor of miR-21 function with EC50 of 5.3 uM in HeLa-miR21-Luc assays, displays no inhibition of miR-122.


MIR17PTi is a novel LNA gapmeR antisense oligonucleotide (LNA-ASO), first-in-class inhibitor of pri-mir-17-92.


1994258-88-6 BzDANP is a small molecule modulator of pre-miR-29a maturation by Dicer, effectively stabilizes the C-bulged RNA and suppresses Dicer-mediated processing of pre-miR-29a in a concentration dependent manner..


522606-67-3 miR544-IN-1 (SID 3712249) is a selective small molecule inhibitor of miR-544 biogenesis.


349429-86-3 TGP-29b-066 (Targapremir-29b-066) is a specfic small-molecule miR-29b inhibitor that targets miR29b hairpin precursor (pre-miR-29b), selectivity and effectively decreases miR-29b expression levels in C2C12 myoblast, attenuates muscle atrophy in vitro and in vivo.

pre-miR-372 inhibitor 3

950276-57-0 pre-miR-372 inhibitor 3 is a small molecule potently (affinity 300 nM) and specifically targeting the microRNA-372 hairpin precursor, inhibits its processing into the mature, functional microRNA and alleviating invasive and proliferative oncogenic phenotypes in gastric cancer cells.

miR-21 inhibitor 12

442522-48-7 miR-21 inhibitor 12 (miR-21-IN-12) is a small molecule inhibitor of microRNA-21 expression and inhibit miR-21 transcription.

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