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1021497-97-1 KR-33494 is a potent inhibitor for Fas-mediated cell death, FAF1.


140942-13-8 A HIV-1 surface-membrane inhibitor, also is a Fap1-blocking small molecule that replicates SLV peptied functions; blocks co-immunoprecipitation of Fas or Apc with Fap1, decreases β-catenin and survivin in Bcr-abl+ murine bone marrow cells; does not alter Fap1-independent Bcr-abl targets, impairs Bcr-abl+ cell outgrowth.

SLV peptide

189109-89-5 A tripeptide representing the Fas-C terminus that specifically blocks the interaction of Fap1 with Fas; increases apoptosis sensitivity and decreases β-catenin in vitro, also decrease interaction of Fap1 with Apc, does not alter expression of Fap1 or Apc proteins; induces Fas-mediated apoptosis in a colon cancer cell line that expresses both Fas and FAP-1.


1021497-97-1 A potent inhibitor for Fas-mediated cell death, FAF1, inhibits ischemic cell death.

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