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1370281-06-3 FOBISIN 101 is a small molecule 14-3-3 protein-protein interaction inhibitor with IC50 of 9.3 and 16.4 uM for the binding of 14-3-3ζ or 14-3-3γ to PRAS40, respectively; effectively blocks the ability of all seven 14-3-3 isoforms to stimulate exoenzyme S (ExoS) ADP-ribosyltransferase (IC50=6-19 uM in a functional assay); also blocked the binding of 14-3-3 with Raf-1 and proline-rich AKT substrate, PRAS40.


1425049-26-8 A small molecule that disrupt 14-3-3 dimers at low micromolar concentrations and induce rapid down-regulation of Raf-MAPK and PI3K-Akt signaling in Jurkat cells; ahs ED50 of 3 uM for apoptosis induction in Jurkat cells, inhibits A549 lung cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo; exhibits a rounded morphology similar to that of 14-3-3ζ KO dermal fibroblasts, increasing signal flux through the ROCK pathway, impairing the ECM remodeling, and accelerating wound healing.


20108-30-9 A small-molecule stabilizer of 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions that stabilizes the complex between 14-3-3 and the stress response regulator GCN1; induces GCN1 turnover and neurite outgrowth, stimulates axon growth in vitro and regeneration in vivo; stabilizes the interaction between 14-3-3 and CFTR by selectively interacting with a secondary binding motif of CFTR (pS753).


396834-58-5 A specific, competitive inhibitor of 14-3-3/ligand interactions with high affinity; blocks the ability of 14.3.3 to bind to target proteins such as Raf-1, Bad, ASK1 and exoenzyme S, induces apoptosis of human glioma cells through down-regulating Bcl-2, up-regulating Bax and activating caspase-9 and caspase-3, and suppresses tumor growth in mice; also enhances the ability of cisplatin to kill cells.

14-3-3 inhibitor BV2

302602-92-2 A novel nonpeptidic inhibitor of 14-3-3 protein-protein interaction that promotes the apoptotic death of cells expressing either wt Bcr-Abl construct or T315I mutation; induces significant dose-dependent reduction of reproductive integrity of Ba/F3 cells expressing the wt and T315I-mutated Bcr-Abl with LD50 of 1.04 and 1.47 uM, respectively; promoted c-Abl release from 14-3-3σ, abolishes c-Abl expression in the cytoplasm, but has no influence on 14-3-3σ levels, induces apoptotic cell death in chronic myeloid leukemia sensitive or resistant to imatinib.

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