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896705-16-1 BMH-21 is a RNA polymerase I inhibitor with wide and potent antitumorigenic activity across NCI60 cancer cell lines with mean GI50 of 160 nM, interacts with GC-Rich rDNA, potently and rapidly represses RNA polymerase I (Pol I) transcription.


66-81-9 Cycloheximide (Naramycin A, Actidione) is a widely-used protein synthesis inhibitor that inhibits protein biosynthesis in eukaryotic organisms with IC50 of 532.5 nM and 2880 nM for protein synthesis and RNA synthesis in vivo, respectively.

Saframycin A

66082-27-7 A heterocyclic quinone antibiotic that inhibits RNA synthesis in vivo and in vitro.

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