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miR-21 inhibitor 37

miR-21 inhibitor 37 is a novel inhibitor of miR-21 function with EC50 of 5.3 uM in HeLa-miR21-Luc assays, displays no inhibition of miR-122; miR-21 inhibitor 37 has no effect on either mature or primary miR-21 levels in HeLa cells, as well as no effect on miR-21 transcription; exhibits low micromolar potency against different established cancer cells (MCF-7 and MIA PaCa-2, IC50=4.5 and 6.7 uM); shows significant rescue of both PDCD4 (9.5-fold increase) and PTEN (1.5-fold increase) levels in A498 RCC cells, sensitizes cells to topotecan-induced apoptosis.



MIR17PTi is a novel LNA gapmeR antisense oligonucleotide (LNA-ASO), first-in-class inhibitor of pri-mir-17-92; impairs the proliferation of several cancer cell lines established from both solid and hematologic tumors by on-target antisense activity, and more effectively as compared to miR-17-92s inhibitors; triggers apoptosis via impairment of homeostatic MYC/miR-17-92 feed-forward loops (FFLs) in patient-derived MM cells, induces MYC-dependent synthetic lethality; exerts strong in vivo anti-tumor activity in NOD-SCID mice bearing clinically relevant models of MM.




BzDANP is a small molecule modulator of pre-miR-29a maturation by Dicer, effectively stabilizes the C-bulged RNA and suppresses Dicer-mediated processing of pre-miR-29a in a concentration dependent manner.




miR544-IN-1 (SID 3712249) is a selective small molecule inhibitor of miR-544 biogenesis; selectively inhibits production of the mature microRNA, sensitizes cells to 5-fluorouracil, and derepresses mRNAs affected by miR-544 in cellulo and in vivo, including boosting mTOR expression; reverses a tumor cell's physiological response to hypoxia.



1392224-59-7 myomiRs-IN-1 is a small-molecule probe that selectively inhibits myogenic microRNAs (myomiRs) including miR-1, miR-133a, and miR-206; upregulates miR-221/222 level and suppresses myoD protein expression in C2C12 cells; inhibits the differentiation of C2C12 cells.


A small molecule that selectively modulates miR-96 production in cancer cells and triggers apoptosis; directly engages pri-miR-96 in breast cancer cells, and has a favorable pharmacokinetic profile and decreases tumor burden in a mouse model of triple-negative breast cancer.

NSC 141562

A potent small-molecule inhibitor of the MIR155 host gene/miR-155 axis; strongly inhibits mature miR-155 generation in a timedependent manner in U87 and primary GBM cells, reduces the proliferation, migration and invasion, increases the expression of PCDH9 and PCDH7, decreases the expression of mesenchymal transition-associated markers, N-cadherin, vimentin, MMP9 and β-catenin.

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