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GSK621 (GSK-621) is a potent, specific AMPK agonist (activator), induces cytotoxicity in AML (IC50=13-30 uM) but not in normal hematopoietic cells; GSK621 is more potent than A-769662 at inducing AMPK activation, as measured by the level of ACC phosphorylation, markedly increases phosphorylation at AMPKα T172 in AML cell lines (MOLM-14, HL-60, and OCI-AML3) and primary AML samples; cytotoxicity in AML cells from GSK621 involves the eIF2α/ATF4 signaling pathway that specifically results from mTORC1 activation,




PF-06409577(PF06409577, PF 6409577) is a potent, selective AMPK β1-containing isoforms activator with TR-FRET EC50 of 7.0 and 6.8 nM for α1β1γ1 and α2β1γ1, respectively; displays no activity for α1β2γ1/α2β2γ1/α2β2γ3 with EC50 >40 uM; elevates the phosphorylation of AMPK in the kidney, without impacting blood glucose levels, and reduces the progression of proteinuria in rat model of diabetic nephropathy.


Phase 1 Discontinued




PF-249 is a potent, selective AMPK β1-containing complexes activator; increases the phosphorylation of the AMPK substrate ACC at S79 with EC50 of 296 nM, potently inhibits de novo lipogenesis (IC50=15 nM) in primary rat hepatocytes.



BL-AD008 (BL-AD 008) is a novel small molecule, dual-target activator targeting AMPK/ZIPK; demonstrates remarkable anti-proliferative activities toward cervical cancer cells and could induce apoptosis by death-receptor and mitochondrial pathways; also shows anti-tumor activities and induces apoptosis by targeting AMPK/ZIPK in vivo.


1467059-70-6 PF-06885249 (PF06885249) is a potent, direct AMPK activator with EC50 of 7.0 and 27 nM for α1β1γ1 and α2β1γ1, respectively; displays no activity for α1β2γ1, α2β2γ1 and α2β2γ3 complexes (EC50>40 uM).

AMPK activator 991

1219739-95-3 AMPK activator 991 is an allosteric AMPK activator, activates non-phosphorylated Thr172 AMPK in vitro binds to α1β1γ1 and α2β1γ1 with Kd of 0.13 and 0.17 uM, respectively.

AMPK activator SC4

1364692-88-5 AMPK activator SC4 is a potent, specific activator of α2β2-AMPK complexes with EC50 of 17.2 and 82.1 nM for α2β2γ1 and α2β2γ3, the predominant AMPK isoform complexes in human skeletal muscle; does not significantly stimulate activities of the α1-equivalent complexes α1β2γ1 and α1β2γ3 at 5 uM; Deletion β-subunit carbohydrate binding module (CBM) abolished SC4 activation; preferentially activates α2 complexes and stimulates skeletal muscle glucose uptake.

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