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JBJ-01-162-04 is a small molecule targeting the flavivirus E protein with broad-spectrum activity, shows activity against DENV in the infectivity assay with IC90 of 0.1 uM; binds to DENV2 E protein (sE2) with Kd of 1.4 uM, reduces DENV viral burden in vivo.




GS-5734 (Remdesivir) is a monophosphoramidate prodrug of adenosine analogue that exhibits antiviral activity against multiple variants of EBOV (EC50=70-140 nM) and other filoviruses (EC50=0.019-1.48 uM) in cell-based assays; suppresses EBOV replication and protects 100% of EBOV-infected animals against lethal disease, ameliorating clinical disease signs and pathophysiological markers.

Ebola Virus Infection

Phase 2 Clinical


ZIKV inhibitor K22

2141978-86-9 ZIKV inhibitor K22 is a small molecule that exerts a potent antiviral activity against a broad range of coronaviruses by targeting membrane-bound viral RNA replication, effectively inhibits ZIKV with IC50 of 2.1 uM (48 h p.i); inhibits several members of the family Flaviviridae, blocks replication of ZIKV, yellow fever virus (YFV), Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), West Nile virus (WNV), as well as to a certain extent, Usutu virus (USUV), Wesselsbron virus (WESSV), HCV and bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) with IC50s <10 uM; act on early post-entry stages of coronavirus replication and to target membrane-bound viral RNA synthesis.


JBJ-16-111 is a small molecule that inhibits dengue virus (DENV) by binding to its envelope protein E.

Compound 3-110-22

Compound 3-110-22 is a small molecule that inhibits dengue virus (DENV) by binding to its envelope protein E; inhibits ZIKV PF13-251013-18 with IC90 of 4.0 uM, interacts with recombinant, soluble ZIKV E (ZIKV sE) in biolayer interferometry experiments with a KD of 2.1 uM; inhibits other flavivirus pathogens, inhibits DENV fusion by targeting E; also inhibits West Nile reporter virus with IC50 of 2.9 uM.


1447464-73-4 IHVR-19029 is a novel antiviral compound that acts as ER α-glucosidase inhibitor, synergistically inhibits the replication of Yellow fever and Ebola viruses in cultured cells combined with favipiravir (T-705); significantly increases the survival rate of infected animals in mouse model of Ebola virus infection.


JNJ-1A is a novel Dengue virus (DENV) NS4B inhibitor that inhibits DENV-2 sub-genomic replicon at 0.7 μM, in the absence of cytotoxicity; shows equipotent antiviral activity against DENV serotypes 1, 2, and 4, induces mutation T108I in non-structural protein 4B (NS4B) in in vitro resistance selection experiments.

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