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Metarrestin (ML246) is a specific inhibitor of perinuclear compartment (PNC), disrupts PNCs in PC3M-GFP-PTB cells with IC50 of 0.39 uM, specifically binds eEF1A2; reduces PNC prevalence in different human cancer cell lines at 1 uM (IC100 for PC3M cells) for 24 hours; disrupts the nucleolar structure and inhibits RNA polymerase (Pol) I transcription, by interacting with the translation elongation factor eEF1A2inhibits cancer cell invasion in vitro, suppresses metastatic development in three mouse models of human cancer, and extends survival of mice in a metastatic pancreatic cancer xenograft model with no organ toxicity or discernable adverse effects.


eIF4A3 inhibitor 53a


eIF4A3 inhibitor 53a is a potent, selective and cell-active eukaryotic initiation factor 4A3 (eIF4A3) inhibitor with IC50 of 0.26 uM, SPR Kd of 43 nM; displays no activity against eIF4A1, eIF4A2, DHX29 and BRR2 ATPase (IC50>100 uM); binds to a non-ATP binding site of eIF4A3, exhibits cellular nonsense-mediated RNA decay (NMD) inhibitory activity and represents a novel molecular probe for further study of eIF4A3, the exon junction complex (EJC) and NMD.




A-484954 (A484954) is a highly selective, small molecule eEF2K inhibitor with IC50 of 0.28 uM; inhibits eEF2K and reduces eEF2 phosphorylation with little effect on cancer cell growth; inhibits MCT-induced PA hypertrophy and fibrosis in rats, inhibits MCT-induced NOX1 expression, ROS generation and MMP-2 activation.



2143542-28-1 2BAct (eIF2B activator 2BAct) is a novel, highly selective, CNS-permeable small molecule eIF2B activator with EC50 of 33 nM in cell-based reporter assays; 2BAct normalized body weight gain and prevented motor deficits in male R191H mice, prevented myelin loss and reactive gliosis in the brain and spinal cord of R191H mice; also prevented ISR induction in the cerebellum and spinal cord of Eif2b5R132H/R132H mice, prevented all measures of pathology and normalizes the transcriptome and proteome of Vanishing White Matter (VWM) mice.


55303-97-4 Elatol (NSC 341593) is a specific inhibitor of ATP hydrolysis by eIF4A1 in vitro with broad activity against multiple tumor types; binds in a 2:1 ratio to eIF4A1 (Kd=1.98 uM) and disrupts helicase activity, Elatol is active against eIF4A1’s ATP hydrolysis at 16.4 uM; Elatol is less potent in vitro than the well-studied eIF4A1 inhibitor silvestrol but is tolerated in vivo at ~100X relative dosing, leading to significant activity against lymphoma xenografts.


eFT226 is a novel, potent and selective eIF4A inhibitor with anti-tumor activity in B-cell malignancies, promotes eIF4A binding to specific mRNA sequences and interferes with the assembly of the eIF4F initiation complex; selectively inhibits translation of mRNAs containing longer 5'-UTRs, an increased frequency of uORFs (upstream open reading frame), and polypurine and/or G-quadraplex recognition motifs; demonstrates potent inhibition of reporter constructs containing a polypurine motif in the 5'-UTR with IC50 of 2 nM, shows potent anti-proliferative activity (EC50<15 nM) and an induction of apoptosis against a panel of B-cell lymphoma cell lines, dose-dependently decreases the oncogenic drivers c-MYC, CCND1/3, BCL2 or MCL-1; shows in vivo activity across hematological tumor models.


2095677-20-4 eIF4A3-IN-2 is an allosteric, selective, non-competitive eIF4A3 inhibitor with IC50 of 0.11 uM, exhibits noncompetitive inhibition with ATP or RNA and high selectivity for eIF4A3 over other helicases; suppresses the helicase activity of eIF4A3 in an ATPase-dependent manner; targets the exon junction complex (EJC) and suppresses monsense-mediated mRNA decay.

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