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672926-32-8 Kif15-IN-1 is a potent, selective inhibitor of KIF15 motility, can act synergistically with Eg5 inhibitors to impair cancer cell proliferation.


311814-78-5 SR31527 is a novel allosteric Kinesin-like protein KIFC1 inhibitor that inhibits microtubule-stimulated KIFC1 ATPase activity with IC50 of 6.6 uM, binds directly to KIFC1 with Kd of 25.4 nM; prevents bipolar clustering of extra centrosomes in TNBC cells and significantly reducesTNBC cell colony formation and viability (MDA-MB-231, BT549 and MDA-MB-435s cells IC50=20-30 uM), with less toxicity to normal fibroblasts.


940929-33-9 SB-743921 is a potent, selective kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitor with Ki of 0.1 nM, shows no activity against MKLP1, Kin2, Kif1A, Kif15, KHC, Kif4 and CENP-E; also shows high affinity for mouse KSP with Ki of 0.12 nM; blocks assembly of a functional mitotic spindle, thereby causing cell cycle arrest in mitosis and subsequent cell death in cancer cells, demonstrates improved potency over ispinesib in both biochemical and cellular assays; shows a broad spectrum of tumor inhibition in multiple cancer models.

Blood Cancer

Phase 2 Discontinued



363571-83-9 Kinesore is a small molecule activator of kinesin-1 that inhibits KLC2-SKIP interaction with IC50 of 101 uM, Ki of 49 uM; inhibits kinesin-1 interactions with short linear peptide motifs found in organelle-specific cargo adaptors, yet activates kinesin-1's function of controlling microtubule dynamics in cells; induces the remodeling of the microtubule network.


325970-42-1 MAC1 (Monastrol Antagonizing Compound 1) is a small molecule that can rescue spindle bipolarity in cells lacking Eg5 activity; induces the formation of additional microtubule nucleation centers, which allows kinesin Kif15-dependent bipolar spindle assembly in the absence of Eg5 activity.


1449578-65-7 AZ82 (KIFC1 inhibitor AZ82) is the first reported small molecule inhibitor of motor protein KIFC1 that inhibits the MT-stimulated KIFC1 enzymatic activity in an ATP-competitive and MT-noncompetitive manner with Ki of 43 nM; effectively engages with the minus end-directed KIFC1 motor inside cells to reverse the monopolar spindle phenotype induced by the inhibition of the plus end-directed kinesin Eg5; causes centrosome declustering in BT-549 breast cancer cells with amplified centrosomes.

BRD 9876

32703-82-5 BRD 9876 is an ATP- and ADP-competitive Eg5 (kinesin-5) inhibitor with Ki of 4 nM, selectively inhibits microtubule-bound Eg5 and inhibits multiple myeloma cell growth (IC50=2.2 uM); enhances Eg5-mediated microtubule stabilization.

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